Being a professional structural engineer in Thousand Palms, CA, I’ve been assisting clients through my gathered knowledge from my studies and years of experience.

Structural Drawing

Professionally designed drafts having error-free and detailed information about the project.
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Structural Remodeling Consultation

Reliable consultation from a tenured specialist for the best outcomes.
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Highly recommend Elliot if you want a responsive, straightforward, and dependable engineer. He responded quickly to my initial query and got straight to work with the photos I sent, giving a Zoom presentation and advice on the changes I wanted. His following site visit was equally efficient, answering questions I’d had for months. Very reasonable fees. His background in architecture and construction was also valuable in giving good insight. Thank you, Elliot!

Elliot was a great find to help with the structural plans for our home addition in Woodland Hills. Super quick turnaround time, responsive and well-priced. Recommended!

    Choose The Best

    The most important investment a person makes in his lifetime is construction, thus you need to find someone who has the knowledge and necessary experience for the task to be completed perfectly.

    40+ Years Of Experience

    With 40+ years of professional experience, I’ve mastered structural designing, project management, and problem-resolution skills. My dedication to my work and ethical value makes me the best choice for your projects.

    Diverse Experience

    Throughout my career, I’ve been learning continuously, adding many skills, and mastering them through experiments and implementations. My diverse experience allows me to look at problems differently and find the proper solution.

    Licensed Professional

    Elliot Kim is a licensed professional with multiple certifications for all his services. Being a qualified professional, he knows how to keep your constructions compliant with the state’s preset standards.

    Hassle-Free Experience

    Hiring Elliot Kim as your project manager will keep you at ease. From planning to implementation and from implementation to completion, everything will be handled with extra care whether you are at the construction site or not.


    As a professional project manager, structural engineer, and qualified consultant, he completed the following projects perfectly and accurately by doing his best.

    About Us

    About Elliot Kim

    Elliot Kim is the top professional and tenured structural engineer specializing in creating structural designs and managing residential and large-scale commercial remodeling and new construction projects. He has a wide range of experience in the structural design of concrete, steel, and timber buildings.

    Elliot has completed many projects, including wastewater plants and the supporting structural design of equipment. He has also designed temporary structures for subway open-cut trenches, stations, retaining walls, and street bulkheads.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve spent my whole life learning new skills, unveiling new techniques, innovating methods for good, and much more, so if you have any queries regarding the service, you are encouraged to ask.

    As a professional structural engineer, I’ll do my best to create an innovative design for your building while maintaining structural safety and durability.

    Being a professional structural design expert, I use 3D and 2D software to create the exact representation of your construction project.

    No construction project is the same, so my charges can vary considering the project’s scale, time consumed, and complexity. Book a consultation session and tell about your project for the quote.


    To hire me for your upcoming remodeling, new construction, or design project, please call me at the given number.

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    To consult your project in detail, please fill out the form, and I’ll have a virtual meeting with you to get an idea of what you exactly want.

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