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Structural Remodeling Consultation In Thousand Palms, CA

Whether you need more room in your residential space or need to extend your commercial building for better, structural remodeling is the solution. Before structural remodeling, you must consider booking a structural remodeling consultation in Thousand Palms, CA, for reliable solutions. Constant changes in how houses are built nowadays often get you interested in doing the same for your home. This is where I step in! I’m Elliot Kim, and I have more than forty years of experience in this field. Having studied architecture and been certified by relevant departments in the field, I believe I am a great fit to give you consultancy for remodeling your home.

Meet Your Consultant

I (Elliot Kim) am a certified professional offering structural remodeling consultation in Thousand Palms, CA. Having the finest expertise in almost every aspect of structural engineering, I’ve dedicated my whole life to it. I started my architecture and design studies journey and opted to pursue my passion by entering into professional structural engineering. I worked on small, medium, and large-scale projects throughout my tenure. I’ve also dedicated experience as a project manager, so I know the legal, on-site, and structural problems you’ll face. Connect with me (Elliot Kim) for the best possible structural solutions and consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any significant change to your home’s structure has significance and impacts its strength and sustainability. So, you must have approval before starting structural remodeling.

Figures may not be exact, but I can tell the cost and time your project will consume by having all the information about the project.

Booking is easy and stress-free; you need to call or fill out a form to connect with me.